Life will out

I just found out that Lauren Sallan’s TED talk has been released.  She used one illustration that I painted for her at the 4min 25sec mark. I have made several illustrations for her and I was hoping she would be able to use more in her presentation but, alas, that didn’t happen. The talk is a cool one though. It’s about the big picture of mass extinction and survival! Life will out!

Devonian Fish
Early fish fauna at Glencartholm, Scotland

The illustration above appears in Lauren’s talk. I asked her for a description and she sent the following:

The early fish fauna at Glencartholm, Scotland (340 million years ago) was dominated by diverse, tiny ray-finned fishes (relatives of today’s tuna and salmon) and sharks. They overwhelmed much larger relicts from the earlier Devonian “Age of Fishes”, such as our early relative, the lobe-finned predatory rhizodont in the center.”
Lauren Sallan


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