Biodiversity poster


How often do you get a chance to put a big octopus in your poster design! I recently created this for the U-M EEB department. There are no design rules that I need to follow, other than making sure the course information is all there, so I have fun playing around with new design ideas. When I began this one I had been looking at some old drawings of shells stored at my office. Some are done by artists as far back as the 1930s. Techniques range from beautiful carbon dust drawings by Grace Eager to coquille board and pen and ink.  I was thinking it was a shame they didn’t get seen more often so here is a small sample.

Author: johnmegahan

I am a scientific illustrator and nature artist living in Ann Arbor MI. I work at University of Michigan's Museum of Zoology and I drink too much coffee.

2 thoughts

  1. At least a third of the shell drawings were created by me and the rest all belong to University of Michigan Museum of Zoology (UMMZ) and sit in a cabinet next to my desk. All copyrights belong to UMMZ.


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