Gray Fox in Florida

This cute little guy was peeking down from a live oak in north Florida. Great fun painting it.
Oil on canvas, 10″ x 14″.

This shows a little of the process. I work pretty simply these days. Other than outlining the painting dimensions I don’t do any drawing on the canvas. I simply start roughing out values and shapes with thinned down paint. Then I gradually work in the detail.
This is the final result. I paid particular attention to the face and eyes. There was a certain personality that I was hoping to capture and I think I came close to what I wanted. As an artist you always see things that could be improved and, while I see a few on this one, (and I won’t tell you what they are) I’m pretty happy with it.

Author: johnmegahan

I am a scientific illustrator & wildlife artist. I work at University of Michigan's Museum of Zoology and I drink too much coffee.