Compositional study

When I think about composing a picture I, like many artists, will do small thumbnail sketches. This used to be something that I did only in sketchbooks but now with technology I often use my iPad. Through that magic I am also able to record drawing sessions. These two videos show some of that process. In the first you will see some brainstorming on an underwater scene. Often I’ll go through a couple dozen of these before arriving on an idea I like. The second video is a little more free form. It starts out with some abstract compositional doodling, then jumps to a few bizarre train of thought sketches, one of them a set of shelves I was thinking about, then finally a practice rendering of Kim Novak in the movie Vertigo.

Author: johnmegahan

I am a scientific illustrator & wildlife artist. I work at University of Michigan's Museum of Zoology and I drink too much coffee.